Regionalization of GDP Estimate by the Expenditure Approach

Description of the region’s economy methodologically ranks among the most complex statistical tasks. Although the regional data are very desirable and the offer of regional indicators is diverse, the comprehensive data on the economy of the region are often missing. The EU countries are obliged to prepare so called regional accounts that do not cover the entire sequence of accounts and even do not cover the expenditure method of GDP estimation. Official regional accounts, according to Eurostat methodology, are compiled by the Czech Statistical Office (here). Professional public’ s demand for detailed regional data is constantly very important, especially in terms of modelling the impacts of various economic events on the regional economy. For these purposes, it is very useful to use regional input-output tables (RIOT), which are usually not obtainable from the resources of the official statistics and therefore, they are often the subject of academic research.

Within the three-year grant funded by the Czech Science Foundation, members of the Department of Economic Statistics at the University of Economics, Prague compiled regional input-output tables connecting the production and expenditure methods for estimating GDP. These tables are compiled for all 14 NUTS 3 regions in the Czech Republic in 2011 according to the methodological standard of national accounting ESA 1995. Tables are symmetrical of the product x product type at basic prices. Nominal data are available according to sections of CZ-NACE (the concept is identical to the CZ-CPA) and technical coefficients are available according to the two-digit CZ-NACE. This presentation corresponds to the reliability of the resulting data based on economic and statistical methods.



doc. Ing. Jakub Fischer, Ph.D. (leader)

prof. Ing. Stanislava Hronová, CSc., dr. h. c

prof. Ing. Richard Hindls, CSc., dr. h. c

doc. Ing. Jaroslav Sixta, Ph.D.

Ing. Kristýna Vltavská, Ph.D.



Ing. Jaroslav Kahoun

Ing. et Ing. Jana Kramulová, Ph.D.

Ing. Petr Musil, Ph.D.


Information about methodology of tabulating is available, for example, in:

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Documents to download:

– methodology and application of input-output tables (meanwhile in Czech only)

– Regional input-output tables of the Czech Republic in 2011, the overall tables according to CZ-CPA sections

 Regional input-output tables of the Czech Republic in 2011, account of goods and services

– Regional input-output tables of the Czech Republic in 2011, overall tables, technical coefficients

– Regional input-output tables of the Czech Republic in 2011, use of regional production, technical coefficients

– Regional input-output tables of the Czech Republic in 2011, use of imported production, technical coefficients