The Estimations of Gross Domestic Product in the Czech Republic in the Period between the Years 1970 and 1989

Methodology description

Presented estimates of gross domestic product are the results of a three-year project of the Department of Economic Statistics,UniversityofEconomicsinPrague, funded by the Czech grant agency No. 402/10/1275 “Historical time series of the gross domestic product of theCzech Republic.” Estimates were compiled mainly on the basis of data published by statistical offices ofCzechoslovakiaand theCzechRepublic. The estimates were carried out by a combination of the original data of production and use of the national income in the Czech Socialist Republic (methodology of Balance of the National Economy (BNH) and the Balance of Interdisciplinary Relations (BMV)) with our own estimates securing the transition to the System of National Accounts (SNA). Unlike similar projects organized in 1980s we offer users only data for theCzechSocialistRepublic(notCzechoslovakia) in the currently valid ESA 1995 and SNA 1993 standards and we guarantee consistency with the official data published by the Czech Statistical Office since 1990.

Historical information on the produce and use of national income was supplemented by a number of methodological adjustments that were not included in the original system or not considered productive. Especially the non-manufacturing sector, non-market services, imputed rent and other corrections. The published data involve the production and expenditure approach to the estimation of gross domestic product at current prices and constant prices of the previous year, the structure of gross value added and employment by classification CZ-NACE.

Members of the research team would also like to thank the workers of the Czech Statistical office particularly the Director of the Department of National Accounts Vitezslav Ondrus, PhD. and  Daniela Marešová) for valuable advice and consults during the realization of the project.


Members of the Project Team

Jakub Fischer, Ph.D. (team leader)

Professor Stanislava Hronová

Professor Richard Hindls

Jaroslav Sixta, Ph.D.

Kristýna Vltavská, Ph.D.


In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact Kristýna Vltavská, Ph.D. (



–          Input-Output Conference paper: Gross Domestic Product of theCzechRepublicin 1970-1990

–         GDP by the production approach

–          GDP by the expenditure approach

–          GDP according to income approach (in progress)

–          Household consumption (in progress)


A consistent time series since 1990 presented by the Czech Statistical Office can be found here.