Regional statistical structures

The regional Input-Output analysis can give us valuable information about the structure of regional economies. The detail statistical datasets are one of the few data sources which can be used in regional models. Models application constructed on the interregional can split the national effect to the regional level.  These models can give more precise results than national especially in the economies with not homogenous structure of economy.

This dataset was prepared in research for Ph.D. thesis (Ing. Karel Šafr) and was supported by the internal grant agency: No. F4/28/2017. The presented data contain the flow matrices of interregional intermediate use, technical coefficients and Leontief inverse matrices. The datasets are split by each method of estimating data.

Research team of the project: IGA F4/28/2017 („Regional statistical structures„):

Ing. Karel Šafr (Leader of research and the author of dissertation thesis)

Doc., Ing. Jaroslav Sixta, Ph.D. (Guarantor of project and Ph.D. advisor)

Ing. Kateřina Gawthorpe

Ing. Miroslav Holý

Information about the methodology of estimating the Interregional datasets is available, for example in:

ŠAFR, K. Dynamic Input-Output analysis – alternative approaches, Dissertation thesis. In the process of defence at Prague University of Economics and Business.

ŠAFR, K, SIXTA, J. Methods for the Estimates of Regional Economic Structures. In Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics (AMSE 2017). Wroclaw: Publishing House of Wrocław University of Economics, 2017, s. 401–418. ISBN 978-83-7695-693-0.

SIXTA, J. ,ŠAFR, K. Regional Input-Output Tables and Inter-Regional Model for the Czech Republic. In Input-Output-Workshop Spezial 2017. Osnabrück: GWS, 2017.

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Documents to download:

– Interregional datasets