Karel Šafr

University of Economics, Prague10479915_578797185565387_9220303376871191745_o
Department of Economic Statistics
nám. W. Churchilla 4
130 67 Praha 3, Czech Republic


e-mail: karel.safr@vse.cz
NB 4th floor, office No. 425, phone No. +420-224 095 435

Personal data:

2009 – 2012 University of Economics, Prague, study field: Economics (Bc.)
2012 – 2014 University of Economics, Prague, study field: Economic Analysis (Ing.)
2014 – 2018 University of Economics, Prague, study field: Statistics (Ph.D.)

10/2016 International Monetary Fund (Vienna)

Work Experiences:
2017 – 2019 Charles University, Faculty of Science (17-06621S)
since 2014 Czech Statistical Office
2012 – 2015 IREAS, Institute for Structural Policy, public service company
2012 – 2014 Student Academic Staff, Dept. of Environmental Economics, University of Economics, Prague

Professional cooperation:
2013 VYCERRO (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University), Study: Evaluation of Selected Economics Aspects of Construction of Waterworks on the Elbe River
2013 Confederation of Industry, Study: The Impact of Environmental Legislation and Regulative to Czech Industry
2013 Association of Steel Industry and Iron, Study: Impact of Environmental Legislation and Regulative to Czech Industry: Regional Input-Output Analysis

2015, 2016 Prize of Dean of the Faculty (publication activities)
2017 Josef Hlavka Award (Josef, Marie and Zdenka Hlavkovi Foundation)
2017 Prize of Rector of University of Economics, Prague for prestigious publication