Finished doctoral theses

Year of defence
Author Name of the thesis
2016 Ludmila Petkovová Statistical Indicators’ System of Sustainable Development
2015 Kateřina Duspivová System of Statistical Information on the Labor Market
2014 Jaroslav Zbranek Compilation and usage of Input-Output tables: historical progress and perspectives
2014 Petr Musil Price recalculation in national accounts
2014 Lenka Hudrlíková Composite Indicators: construction, usage, interpretation
2012 Věra Jeřábková Possibilities of estimating the efficiency of financial system and granting social services
2012 Lenka Valentová Půlpánová International standards for statistics on the government sector
2012 Kristýna Vltavská Total factor productivity estimates
2011 Vilém Valenta Interactions between fiscal policy and real economy in the Czech Republic: a quantitative analysis
2010 Jiří Vopravil Estimates of illegal economy
2010 Jaroslav Sixta The usage of mathematical and statistical methods for estimating the consumption of fixed capital and state of nonfinancial assets
2007 Miloslav Chlad Regional aspects of macroeconomic indicators
2006 Martin Zelený Rate of poverty danger as an indicator of poverty in Europe – analysis of features and appropriateness
2005 Jakub Fischer The compilation of preliminary quarterly estimations of GDP development with respect to the character and  appropriateness of official estimations