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Members of the Dept. and Ph.D. students


Head of the Department: doc. Ing. Jakub Fischer, Ph.D.
Executive Secretary of the Department: Ing. Kristýna Vltavská, Ph.D.
Secretary of the Department: Šárka Zívalová


Members of the Department

Name E-mail Office Phone no.
prof. Ing. Stanislava Hronová, CSc., dr.h.c. 426 NB 5404
Associate Professors
doc. Ing. Jakub Fischer, Ph.D. 168 NB 5737
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Sixta, Ph.D. 428 NB 5451
Lecturers and College Tutors
Ing. Petr Mazouch, Ph.D. 427 NB 5453
Ing. Petr Musil, Ph.D. 427 NB 5453
Ing. Kristýna Vltavská, Ph.D. 428 NB 5451
Internal Ph.D. Students
Ing. Michaela Jirková 425 NB 5435
Ing. Veronika Ptáčková 425 NB 5435
External Ph.D. Students and Externs
Ing. Kateřina Duspivová, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Fischer, CSc.
Ing. Karel Šafr 425 NB 5435
Ing. Jaroslav Zbranek, Ph.D
Mgr. Ing. Martin Zelený, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Zeman 425 NB 5435

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